How to do Basic Car Detailing

Taking care of our vehicle may it be a car or a motorcycle is a must. There is no other way for it. You have to think about the overall condition of your vehicle as it helps to make sure that you are driving a safe and in good condition vehicle. So, if you feel like things aren’t going great for your car, you should go to a Phoenix auto repair shop.

Going to an auto repair shop is a pretty good move to make. It is completely protecting your car to ensure its longevity as well as it’s good condition. Going to an auto repair is a good move as it is cost efficient, convenient and you are ensured to be in good hands. So, try it out anyway, however there is something you can do that would help your car stay in the good side too.

This is doing a deep cleaning on your car or also known as in the expert tongues as car detailing. In this article, you will have to learn some tips on how to deep clean your car without damaging it. Of course, you can always go to a car detailing shop. However, if you have the time to spare, learning how to detail your own car might be a fun activity for you.


Never forget to only use the tools that is meant for your car. Although a dishwashing liquid bubbles and cleans your car just fine. It has components to it, that would strip the car of its lacquer and make it look dull. So always remember that whatever it is you are going through with your car make sure to only use the right tools for it.

Some of the tools or equipment you can use for your car are:

INTERIOR SIDE: Leather cleaner, cotton swabs soft bristled brush, towels (microfiber)

EXTERIOR SIDE: Car wax, glass cleaner, wool mitt, bar kit (for that stubborn dirt)


This is your number one project, you can’t have a car detailing with dirt still clinging to your home. It is rather an important move to remember to make sure to clear out the dirt from the car. Cup holders, under the vacuum under the chairs, as well as the carpet matting of your car should be cleared.


Don’t be too harsh on your plastics. You can definitely try to make way for a better gentler cleaner when it comes to plastics. Simply because too much of it, could mean dangerous version. It could destroy the longevity of the plastics, so switch for a gentler cleaner.


You also have to deep clean the fabrics and leather of your cover. So, if you have a fabric cover, you may want to throw those on the washer for a more thorough cleaning. It is important as well as something that could turn out well for you. So, that should be something that should work well too.

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